Monica Walton

Monica walton

'This is Cayman' host, producer, director, editor and on some occasions cameraman, Monica was born in the Cayman Islands and grew up in the UK. After a stint in the city she returned to Cayman and founded Vagabond Media Group. A media company ready for the emerging digital age, focusing on combining her two loves in life, travel and video. When she's not filming, hosting or cooped up in a dark room editing, you'll find her travelling to tropical destinations writing or filming for her travel website 'beachbox' or walking her unruly Cayman mutt, Gypsy on the beach.


Production coordinator, cameraman and all-round business guy, Jason chooses to stay behind-the-scenes, making the magic happen. Originally from the icy north, he came to Cayman on vacation and fell in love. An island boy at heart and, although he won't admit it, a brilliant artist, you might find him painting murals around the island, filming for 'This is Cayman,' listening to soulful 90's R n' B jams at home or indulging in giant mojitos.