Island Life Diaries: Adam Fox

1. Where are you from? 

 County Wicklow, Ireland.


2. Why did you move from the comfort of your homeland? 

I caught the travel bug but also wanted to experience a different working environment. A move to Grand Cayman made sense for many reasons.


3. What made you choose Cayman? 

I loved the island when I visited as a tourist and a chance to work here then arose. It was too good of an opportunity to resist and see what Caribbean life was like....that was 4 years ago.


4. What was the biggest challenge you faced when you arrived? 

Getting used to not having the home comforts such as the likes of Tayto crisps, Cadburys yellow /purple snack bars (the addiction is real) and of course, a decent pint of Guinness!

The lack of reasonably priced stores and a decent selection of clothing and electronic stores is an issue faced by most living here. Trips to nearby Miami and asking friends to bring down goods from elsewhere is just part and parcel of living on a tropical island.  However the benefits of living here always outweigh any of these small grievances, aka #islandproblems.


5. What surprised you the most about Cayman?

 The eclectic mix of ex-pats living here, especially the  I never thought I’d end up with so many friends for life from the nation of  the mild-mannered, Tim Hortons-drinking,  maple syrup-loving, ice-hockey obsessed -  the Canadians!

6. What is the single most unique thing about the island?

The community spirit infused with the friendliness of the people who have both grown up here and made the move.


7. What do you love most about living in Cayman? 

The sun, sea and the beautiful faces.