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WHERE: Camana Bay

WHY GO? When you visit Cayman you really should take a tiny piece of the island back with you and a great place todo just that is Tortuga Rum Company.

A true taste of the Caribbean, Tortuga Rum Cakes are a staple Caymanian treat and the ultimate gift or souvenir to take home to feast on when the icy winter sets in.

Founded by Robert and Carline Hammaty, with a rich history, Tortuga Rum Cakes stemmed from Carlines family recipe and you can taste the love that only comes from homemade baking in these delicious treats.

Rather than a typical shop setup, the store in Industrial Park is actually the cake factory and smells divine. It’s not just Tortuga Rum Cakes that are incredibly tasty, indulge in the spirits of the islands and take home a bottle of the Caribbean's finest rums. Pick up some coffee, hot sauces and other here. A stop of at Tortuga Rum Company is an adventure in itself and capturing a piece of the island to take back with you is just a bonus. 

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