If you're looking for wild nightlife, world class shopping and endless streets of upscale restaurants and bars, then Bodden Town isn’t for you. If you're searching for a serene, pristine and peaceful slice of the Caribbean, then you're in the right place. This is the former capital of the Cayman Islands, and it might be the district with the most character. A stay in Bodden Town will not only give you the rest and relaxation you need, but also connect you with the true culture of Cayman.

Bodden Town Map


  • Bring cash for the roadside eats

  • If swimming at Spott's wear flippers and go with a buddy, the currents can get quite strong

  • Order a rum punch at the White House, stay for lunch and you can use the pool & beach facilities for the rest of the day

  • Drive slowly throughout Bodden Town, you may come across some stray dogs or youngsters running across the road

Things To Do

  • See some Blue Iguanas at the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park

  • Try some jerk chicken at Chester's or the Grape Tree Cafe

  • Spend the afternoon at the White House on the beach, by the pool and sip on some cocktails

  • Swim with wild green sea turtles at Spott's Beach

  • Chill at at Heritage Beach


Why Go?

bodden town

The first capital of the Cayman Islands, Bodden Town is reminiscent of the old time Cayman days, where the culture is alive at the beach-side fish fry's and jerk stands and the beaches are less-travelled and still somewhat undiscovered. Swim with the turtles at Spott's, spend the day at the stunning White House day resort or pull up a lounger at Heritage Beach - whatever you decide, a day or two spent in Bodden Town will be well spent in this district.