West Bay District

You'll find West Bay at the Northern end of the famous, powdery Seven Mile Beach. This district, with it's endless stretch of waterfront,  offers peace and quiet for beach-bums who want to escape the crowds. It's not all lounging out and taking in the view, there's just enough to do in West Bay to fill those lazy, Cayman days.

West Bay Map


  • Beware of strays. A lot of West Bay residents will keep guard dogs in their yards, they're harmless but might give you a bit of a fright.

  • Go on a Monday evening and indulge in the BBQ at Macabucca

  • Watch out for cyclists, there's a lot of them in this district.

  • You'll notice a strong West Bay accent different from the rest of the island, take it in and try a West Bay accent yourself, just swap out your v's for w's.

Things To Do

  • Have breakfast at Vivo

  • Visit The Cayman Islands Turtle farm

  • Have lunch at Macabuca and maybe go for a shore dive

  • Eat some authentic Caribbean food at the Cracked Conch or Osetra Bay on the waterfront

  • Horse riding or Kite-surfing at Barkers Beach

  • West Bay Bike Loop

  • Visit Hell

Why Go?

West Bay has quiet, secluded beaches, an authentic Caymanian vibe and some of the best restaurants on the island. Whether you go to dive, do the touristy things or simply to just experience the West Bay culture, a day trip or more in this charming district will have you coming back for more.