East End has all of the Caribbean charm that is synonymous with the region. It has the array of blues that pattern the sea, the powdery white sands and leaning palm trees, and the friendly, laid back people you would want to encounter on vacation. In some ways, East End is the “real” Caribbean district of Cayman. A few days here and you’ll be a whole new you.

East End Map


  • Rent a car from Avis to drive out to East End

  • Go on a Sunday and the blowholes will be less busy and you can catch brunch at Tukka

  • If you're looking for fish fry, Eastern Star Bar is open on Saturdays and Sundays only

  • Ocean Frontiers offer PADI training for learner divers

  • The Sweet Spot offers kiteboarding and paddle boarding lessons and rentals

  • Reef sharks (harmless)  are known to hang out in this area and are often spotted by divers


Things To Do

  • Watch the sunrise

  • Go diving

  • Explore the blowholes

  • Take a pic at Lover's Wall

  • Try some Australian / Caymanian fusion food at Tukka

  • Taste some lionfish tacos at Eagle Rays bar & restaurant

  • Meet Miss Vivine and sample some Caymanian cooking straight from her Kitchen

  • Go Kiteboarding

Why Go

Go for the incredible diving, the blowholes and the view while driving. Stay for the authentic Caribbean food served up right on the beach and relish in the peaceful, slow-paced vibes that only a place like East End could possibly emit. A perfect long weekend staycation choice or a day away from the crowds, this district will have you feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle the week ahead