Caribbean Bucket List | Locked Inn



The light flickers, a heavy door slams shut and the glow of a menacing digital clock beams down at you.

Your tour guide is nowhere to be seen, you're trapped. An eerie voice blares out that you now have 44 minutes and 59 seconds to escape.

Sound like fun? We think so. Locked Inn, Grand Cayman is the first escape company in the Caribbean to thrill visitors who dare to enter its adrenaline-fueled rooms.

Choose from two experiences, the Pirates Cellar or the Asylum, both equally fun and challenging. Picking a room is the easy part, but it's deciphering clues and not cracking under the pressure that will have your heart racing as you frantically attempt to find that key.

The Asylum 

In the Asylum, the surroundings are realistic with ramblings scrawled on the walls and corroded medical equipment scattered across a claustrophobic chamber- making the experience that much more intriguing and exhilarating.


Your job? To escape in time or be faced with a horrifying alternative- being trapped in the room for eternity.

The riddles are creatively complex, puzzling and enthralling. If you work as a team, the sheer excitement of cracking the code together will keep you pressing on.


You have five minutes to go, you've manipulated every object and explored every corner. You're so close, but the reality that you'll be stuck in this century-year old, creepy, 'blood-stained' asylum is dawning on you.

three minutes...


Will you escape??


Perfect for corporate events, team-building exercises, families, couples and for an experience like nothing else you'll find the the whole of the Caribbean. Locked Inn has already become one of Cayman's hottest new attractions and has two exciting ew rooms coming soon. Find out more about them here.

Address: 18 Fort Street, 2nd Floor
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands