15 Things Only People Who Live In Cayman Would Understand

Anybody who lives in Cayman, or has ever lived here, would agree that Cayman is a pretty unique place to call home. Something that always brings us close together is the shared knowledge that this place is not like any other. Where else in the world can you swim with stingrays in the afternoon and down some late night poutine in the evening? Understanding Cayman's charming quirks is what bonds us all to this incredible, beautiful and charmingly eccentric little island.

1. Shopping for groceries is also socialising

Be prepared to be out of the house for at least an hour. You can't slip in and out of Foster's without bumping into at least 2 people you know that want to stand there and catch up in the fresh produce aisle.


2. Sometimes a staycation will save your life 

Rock fever is legit. Cayman can get a little intense, but luckily we live in a place where others come to get away from it all. Booking into a hotel or heading over to the Sister Islands for a weekend will give you a new lease on life, and you don't need to wander far.

3. You can spend your entire earnings on food

Just walking down West Bay Road will get you in the mood for some garlic shrimp pasta, there are so many restaurants, going out to eat can become a regular routine because the food is just too good.

4. Water actually is life

Cayman life is slower and more chilled. Free time revolves around water in some way. Whether it's boating, swimming, fishing or just eating by the waterfront. It's what makes our island so special and we keep coming back for more.

5. We are the friendliest people on the planet

It's been proven. If you're walking down the bypass and need a ride, someone will offer to help. In fact, in any situation where you need a hand, it's the Cayman way to be there for others.


6. Sundays are take-out days

You forgot to go shopping on Saturday and your fridge is empty. Grocery stores are closed on Sundays so you will be making a call to Dominoes, Wok n' Roll or Southern Spice, it's inevitable.

7. "Soon come"

When you say this to your friends who don't know about Cayman, they look at you funny. Call it a special code or language, but there's an island-wide acknowledgment that if you're waiting for something or someone they'll 'soon come'. 

8. Traffic is the bane of your life

That route from Prospect, the bypass, Friday traffic, rainy day traffic. You love to complain about traffic, it's your favourite thing to do. Being stuck in a stand still for 15 minutes just ruins your day.

9.  When people say 'the Caymans' and you have to correct them

Seriously, it affects you way more than it should. You find yourself heatedly explaining,  'IT'S CAYMAN. NOT THE CAYMANS" on a regular basis.

10. Car problems are your worst problems

And you have to spend your whole day at the DMV (DVDL).

11. Power Cuts

It's not IF there will be a power cut it's when.

12. Saturday night cut off at 12

When you just get to the bar on a Saturday at 11.30 and it's last call.

13. Lizards in your home

Lime lizards are cute and all that, but they get in your house and they become pests.

14. It's the hardest place to date anyone

You can't meet anyone new who doesn't have at least 60 mutual friends with you on Facebook.

15. Secrets don't exist

Everybody knows everybody.