5 Tips on How to Get Settled in the Cayman Islands

Moving thousands of miles from home is a tough decision, you're practically starting over. It's not as simple as you may first think, but if you're prepared for how your lifestyle is going to change, it'll make the moving process a whole lot easier.

1. Embrace the slower pace

Living on an island that's 100 square miles is a big adjustment for most people moving from their home country. Life in the Cayman Islands is unhurried, which is part of its charm, but can also be frustrating for the impatient. Things take just that bit longer over here, like waiting to get your mail and getting settled in and set up with everything you need. Realise that life at a slower pace isn't such a bad thing and you'll be golden.


2. Get involved in the community

In Cayman there are so many clubs, societies and community events. A great way to integrate yourself and your family (if you're moving with them) is to sign up, meet people and get invested in the community. You'll make friends and feel like you belong in no time.


3. Figure out a monthly budget

It's no secret the cost of living in Cayman is high. Figure out a budget that works for you, including CUC & water bills, rent, cost of food, gas and entertainment. There are stores in Cayman that sell products in bulk, figure out if this works for you and what is most cost effective. Do this early on and you'll learn to live well and save some money.


4. Manage your expectations

Don't expect to always be on vacation. Adapting to island life can be difficult, lengthy and frustrating. Getting set up is the hardest part and it will take time and money. If you're not expecting to run off into the Cayman sunset and you're prepared for the adjustment, you'll love living in Cayman and enjoy the journey.


5. Take some time to explore

The best part of the move. Get out and explore the island and get familiar with your surroundings. The Cayman Islands are absolutely stunning. Take advantage of the island you live on, get in the water, go and visit the different districts and the sister islands, go diving, snorkelling and experience the nightlife- after all you are living in paradise.