Stingray City: What you may not know

A floating city in the middle of the turquoise Caribbean sea, Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is a natural wonder where stingrays glide through the shallow clear waters beneath you. It’s a must-do & must-see when you’re on the island, so here’s a few things that you might not know about the home of these gentle giants and this slice of paradise Cayman is so famous for.

There are actually two Stingray Cities

If you booked a tour to Stingray City, you’re likely headed to the Stingray City Sandbar where the gloriously warm water is between waist to chest high. Perfect if you’re meeting the stingrays for the first time. 
Stingray City is for those wishing to fully submerge themselves in the stingray’s world. The water here is around 12 feet deep and crystal clear, meaning you’ll have great visibility no matter if you are snorkeling or diving.   

Stingray City played an important part in Cayman’s history

Before it was dubbed Stingray City, Caymanian fishermen used to stop at these spots in the North Sound to clean their catch. Learning that the sound of boat motors meant a free meal, the stingrays and fisherman built up a beautiful friendship that’s never-ending.

Stingray City_Cayman Islands

There’s more than 100 stingrays living in the city

According to the 2018 bi-annual stingray census conducted by The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, 106 stingrays pass through Stingray City on a regular basis. So there’s plenty of them to meet.

There are more than just stingrays there

Many other reef fish visit Stingray City in search of a free meal from the stingray’s leftovers.

Stingrays are actually fish

Which mean’s they shouldn’t be taken out of the water, even partially, to be petted or have their picture taken, but your tour guide will show you the ropes.

The southern stingrays found in our waters, like all other stingrays, come from the same class of animals as sharks, cartilaginous fish, meaning that their skeletons are made of cartilage rather than bone. Unlike sharks, the stingrays at Stingray City have puppy-like personalities: attention seeking and always ready for a treat.   

Kissing a stingray is good luck

Legend has it, if you kiss a stingray on its head, you ‘ll get seven years of good luck. The residents of stingray city are comfortable around humans and prepared to receive a quick peck in exchange for some squid.  

Stingrays can kiss back 

Your new friend will swim over the top over your hand and vacuum in their treat and you may just end up with a little hickey from them. Cute.