Top Things To Do in Cayman Brac

Set like a topaz jewel in the Cayman-crown, the Easternmost of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Brac, aspires to and debatably achieves in outshining the other islands with its natural splendour. Not only does the tranquil Brac offer lush greenery and reefs rich in wildlife but it offers pristine palm-fringed beaches and is decorated with the history and traditions of the island's people. Its coral reefs and shallow aquamarine bays are an important resource for the fishermen of Cayman Brac and act as an inviting tourist haven. It's steep limestone cliffs lure adventure-seekers from near and far while its natural beauty and sensational sunsets are soul-soothing to weary island-hoppers looking to unwind.

Cayman Brac is 12 miles long by two miles wide (at its widest point), totalling 14 square miles and about 1,500 people live on the Brac. While it is small and laidback, nature tourism here is booming and it offers many outdoorsy activities and pastimes which include snorkelling, hiking, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. The island is full of history, the beachfront lined with island-style dining experiences that will delight the senses and the natural environment rich in wildlife.

The Bluff

At the Eastern part of Cayman Brac stands the island's foremost attraction, The Bluff. The limestone ridge is the highest part of the Cayman Islands, with an elevation of 43m that stretches almost the entire length of the tiny island, dominating its landscape. The Bluff is the perfect activity for those seeking a bit of elevated, outdoor fun.

Sunsets in Cayman Brac

The Caribbean is renowned for its magnificent sunsets and elusive green flashes where the sun hits the horizon. Nowhere is this Caribbean-sunset-sorcery showcased more vividly than on Cayman Brac.


Parrot Reserve

A pleasantly shaded walkway lined with orchids, bromeliads, cacti, wild jasmine, red birch and other flora winds through the 280-acre woodlands atop The Bluff and leads to a Parrot Reserve. The nesting grounds of the Cayman Brac parrot said to have been close to extinction, are protected by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Take a relaxing stroll through these woodlands to experience the rich indigenous fauna and flora of the Caribbean.

Deep Sea and Shore Fishing in Cayman Brac

In the Cayman Islands, fishing is often referred to as the unofficial national sport. Cayman Brac is home to some of the Caribbean's most notable fishing tournaments and the species of fish that can be caught for sport year-round range from tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi and occasionally marlin. In the flats of the Brac's South Hole Sound, bonefishing, as well as fly-fishing and tarpon-fishing, are popular amongst locals and visitors alike.