Top 10 Romantic Things To Do in Cayman

The Cayman Islands is famous for its year-round tropical climate, tranquil beaches and exclusivity; so it comes as no surprise that where romance is concerned, for tourists and locals, this island is brimming with love.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to woo the love of your life, here's a list we've compiled of the top 10 romantic things to do in the Cayman Islands.

1. Watch the sunset on Seven Mile Beach

If you're going to pop the question, there's a time and a place to do it, and at sunset on Seven Mile Beach is just that. If you venture further west, you'll escape the crowds and find yourself in awe of the glistening waters and the stillness surrounding you.


2. Let off a lantern at Kaibo during the full moon

Dine under the stars at Kaibo restaurant in North Side. Every Friday closest to the full moon, lovers can escape to eat dinner with the sand between their toes, listen to chilled out music and let off giant paper lanterns that light up the sky.


3. Get a couples massage 

Nothing quite says 'I love you' like a good pampering. Luckily Cayman doesn't fall short in this area, with plenty of hotels, independent spas and masseuses, and of course, gorgeous surroundings, you'll be spoiled for choice.


4. Picnic in the Botanic Park

These magical gardens are perfect for a date with the better half. With a beautiful gazebo, a waterfall, enchanting forests and blossoming flowers everywhere you look, you'll fall in love all over again at the Botanic Park.


5. Bioluminescence trip on a kayak

It's like something out of a Disney movie, in fact it's actually in a few, the bioluminescence bay in North Side is one of just 12 in the world. If this alone isn't enough to sweep your loved one off their feet, kayak through these mystical waters and watch a trail of glowing greeny-blue water as you paddle along.


6. Weekend away in Little Cayman

For locals and tourists, Little Cayman is arguably the most romantic of the three islands. Unbeatable sunsets and a bare-foot lifestyle, this tiny isle radiates romance. Kayak or paddle-board over to Owen Island and spend the morning on your own private island.


7. Go on a sunset sail cruise

Listen to the water lapping against a breezy catamaran while you laze and bask in the beautiful Cayman sunset.


8. Take a trip out to Smith Cove at Sunrise

Smith Cove inspires love at any time, but if you go there early, you'll find this beautiful beach fairly quiet, if not deserted.

9. Take a photo at Lover's wall

It may not feel romantic at the time, but you'll have fond memories in the form of a photo at Lover's Wall. Plus, the view along the wall is pretty spectacular.


10. Dine in a private cabana on the beach

Cayman is full of luxurious and romantic places to dine. From Blue at the Ritz, Dolce Vita on the waterfront or Ortanique in Camana Bay, there's plenty to choose from. If you're looking for something more private and intimate, Royal Palms offers a candle-lit dinner on Seven Mile Beach, surrounded by fire-pits. If you get there early enough you'll the sun-setting into the ocean.