6 Unexpected Perks Of Living By The Beach

1. You Only Need One Wardrobe

No need for bulky jackets, scarves and big boots- when you live by the beach, it's always summer. You have way more space in your closet, so you have an excuse to buy more shorts and T-shirts to fill the gaps.


2. It's Easier To Exercise

Exercising is way less tedious when you live by the beach. You can go for a light, bare-foot jog in the sand, do some yoga at sunset or burn a few calories wading in the cool waters.


3. Your Skin Will Get Exfoliated...Naturally

Powdery, white sand is the world's best exfoliant. It just so happens the sand in the Cayman Islands is some of the softest around. Say goodbye to wrinkles and dull skin, the secret lies on Seven Mile. 


4. You'll Be Healthier Overall

That gorgeous sea breeze and clean air means you'll generally feel healthier when you live by the beach. You get out more, walk around outside and feel way more energized when it's always warm and sunny outside.


5. You'll Get A Good Night's Sleep

Living by the coast makes you feel less stressed and less moody during the day. Science says this helps you sleep better at night. No need for chamomile tea before bed, get out and breath in the sea air.


6. You Appreciate The Little Things

It's impossible to have this view and not feel grateful for the stunning surroundings. It'll lift your mood and get you appreciating the smaller things in life, like finding a shady spot in the sand and sleeping the day away.


Live by the beach? Leave us a comment below and tell what life is like for you.