Things To Know Before Moving To Cayman

Moving to Cayman for some is a no brainer. An opportunity to live out your days on a gorgeous tropical island with endless sun and a care-free attitude real-world folk crave on a daily basis.

For others, making the move is a huge life-changing decision that isn't to be taken lightly. Doing your research and making sure this is somewhere you can actually see yourself living and working is a vital step in the thought process.

We've tried to make it a little easier for you with a few tips from the pros over at Affinity Recruitment - here's a few useful things to know when moving to the Cayman Islands.

Important Documents

  • Before coming to Cayman, make sure you have proof of any professional memberships, and copies of your employment contract, university/college degree and immigration documents.

  • Get photocopies and bank references and any records you have with credit companies. This will help you when you look to open a bank account in Cayman.

  • Get a letter from your car insurance carrier that shows your claim record, this will help you when you come to buy insurance over here.

  • Bring your driver’s license with you.

Useful Tips

  • You won't get taxed in the Cayman Islands; but before you leave your home country, you should research the tax implications of moving here.

  • There are several phone & internet companies in the Cayman Islands, which offers a wide range of mobile, landline and internet services.

  • Most banks are open from Monday to Thursday, 9am-4pm and Friday until 4:30pm. Some branches are open until 1pm on Saturday.

  • Businesses and grocery stores are closed on Sunday, except bars, restaurants, and some shops.

  • The healthcare system in the Cayman Islands is a good. If you are on medication, get a bumper prescription in your home country before the move, so you have just enough to keep you going until you find a new doctor.