Multi-coloured Caribbean Fruit Smoothie Bowl

There's nothing more satisfying than indulging in an ice-cold smoothie to start the day off. Take one down to the beach, find a shady spot and chill out, or entertain in style with this easy, yet impressive Caribbean smoothie bowl, great for sharing and guilt-free snacking.



Serves: 1 full pineapple (2 servings)

Hands on Time: 10 minutes

Full Time: 15 minutes


- 1 cup frozen strawberries

- 1 cup frozen cantaloupe

- 1 cup frozen pineapple

- ½ can of coconut milk

- Soya milk


- Shredded coconut

- Pretzels

- Squish candy

- Chocolate shavings


1. In a blender, add in your cup of frozen strawberries then top it off with a large spoon of coconut milk and a splash of soya milk. (Note: Always add in your frozen fruit first because you want this to blend last in your blender. Once your coconut milk and soya milk are in the blender it makes it easier to crush down your frozen fruit). Once your fruit smoothie is well blended, put it in a separate bowl, wash your blender and repeat this process with your cantaloupe and pineapple.

2. Once all three fruit smoothies have been made, add the three smoothies together in a emptied out pineapple bowl and top it off with your favourite toppings.

Note: There are no rules on what to put on your smoothie bowl. Be creative and add whatever you like. Enjoy with some salsa and tortilla chips.