The Top Reasons to Get Married in Grand Cayman

Such is the experience of flying into Grand Cayman that it can be compared to an assault to one’s visual faculties. The soft pillow-like clouds give way to an almost obscene palette of crystal-clear blue waters in shades one’s mind struggles to comprehend. The kind of tropical island scene one expects to see in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Seven Mile Beach

The Location

Grand Caymans postcard-perfect scenery speaks for itself, but the proximity to some of the planet’s most exotic and exciting countries, also makes it one of the most desirable wedding destinations North of the Equator. Located a short, affordable flight from bucket-list destinations like Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Mexico means you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an accessible and affordable honeymoon destination.

The Food

Grand Cayman is considered a haven for those epicures of fine Caribbean cuisine and is the ultimate playground for the discerning foodie. Food-lovers from across the globe flock to the Cayman annually to experience the all the tropical flavors the Caribbean has to offer. The influence and celebrity of chefs like Eric Ripert and the late Anthony Bourdain has played a significant role growing the island’s foodie culture and continues to do so with annual events like the Cayman Cookout and Taste of Cayman, drawing visitors from far and wide. But you don’t have to plan your wedding around these festivals to be able to enjoy the flavors of Cayman.

An ‘Exclusive’ Guest List

A destination wedding is a great way of limiting or reducing your guest list. Not everyone will be willing and/or able to travel far and wide to attend your exotic destination wedding – making it easier for you to stay within budget and make those dreaded guest-list cuts.

The Weather

Typically, the warm, hot areas located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn experience only 2 seasons, warm and warmer, making it easy to plan for the Instagram-worthy-wedding of your dreams, with less chance of getting rained out.


Sunset Rituals

Sensational sunsets come standard in the Caribbean and Grand Cayman is no exception. Locals and visitors alike gather daily, anxiously anticipating the rare elusive green flash that occurs in near perfect conditions. Save on notoriously expensive wedding décor by replacing it with the backdrop of a sensational Caribbean sunset instead.

Sunset_Cayman Islands

Wedding Packages and All-Inclusive Deals

Grand Cayman wedding planning services are plentiful. Not only are there exceptional independent wedding planners specializing in the art of the beach wedding, but many of the glittering 5-star resorts along world-famous Seven Mile Beach offer couples all-inclusive packages or group deals, should they choose to tie the knot at one of these establishments.


The Attractions

From swimming with the island’s friendly Stingrays to immersing yourself in the magical light of bioluminescence bay, you’ll never run out of adventures to have in Cayman and honeymoon options are endless.

These are but a few of the reasons to hold your nuptials in Grand Cayman. Plan your destination wedding anytime between March and June when the hotel rates drop. Alternatively, plan for January and February when the weather cools down to about 60 degrees.


For more information about Grand Cayman, visit the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s website: