5 Days in Cayman - The Lux Edition

From champagne brunches to haute cuisine and luxury spa treatments, here's how you can spend 5 days living lavishly in Grand Cayman.

Day 1: Top Tier Tanning

The best thing about the island is by far its world-class beaches. Spending your first day on popular Seven Mile Beach is the perfect introduction to island life. For the lux edition enjoy a bottle of bubbles in the shade of a stylish Cabana, available to rent from many of the beachfront luxury hotels and resorts. A sure way to sun-soak in style!

World-class beaches

Day 2: Helicopter Tour & Fine Dining at the Ritz

Fly high in more ways than one when you take a sunset tour around the island in a helicopter. After taking in the breathtaking views, enjoy further pampering by being chauffeured in a limousine to dinner at Seven, the Ritz Carlton's signature restaurant, for some seriously fine dining.

Day 3: Private Charter Cruising

Lie back comfortably in the lap of luxury when you charter your own exclusive private yacht to take you around the island, to swim with the stingrays and explore the natural splendour of the island in style. Lounge about on deck, drink in hand, as a crew of seasoned professionals spoils and tends to your every need.

Five Star Charters Cayman

Five Star Charters Cayman

Day 4: Champagne Brunching

Nothing encapsulates absolute opulence quite like putting a well-dressed foot forward through a five-star hotel's doors for a decadent brunch and being greeted with bottomless bubbles. Brunch culture is a grand affair in Grand Cayman and the perfect opportunity put on the Ritz, as they say.

Sunday Brunch

Day 5: Waterfront Golfing and a Luxury Spa Experience

Nothing could ensure you leave the island relaxed and revitalized more than a leisurely round of waterside golf. Spend the day strolling the lavish green course grounds all the while taking in the scenery. Finally, unwind and luxuriate in one of the island's many luxury hotel spas. For the ultimate luxury experience, book a spa treatment straight to your room and enjoy a massage overlooking the Caribbean sea lapping up the starlit shores on your last evening in paradise.

Spa Day