Exotic Caribbean Destinations to Easily Travel to From Grand Cayman

With direct (and a few not-so direct) and affordable flights to some of the most exotic and exquisite travel destinations in the Caribbean - and the world for that matter - it's no wonder that so many travelers who visit Cayman journey on from here to other popular Caribbean destinations.

Below are a few of our favorite bucket list Caribbean destinations that are effortless to travel to from Grand Cayman and won't break the bank. No need to sacrifice on an adventure to accommodate your budget!

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Jamaica, land of the red stripe, reggae music and endless lush and green rolling hills, is a vibrant Caribbean nation easily reached from Grand Cayman. It offers an abundance of activities, all-inclusive luxury resorts, rich coral reefs and rain forests teeming with wildlife. Visitors flock to Jamaica not just for the flourishing nightlife and thriving music scene but also for the diving and snorkeling in its shallow bays and crystal clear, warm waters.

You can book direct flights from Grand Cayman to either Montego Bay or Kingston, Jamaica through Cayman Airways.

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There where the Caribbean sea and the pacific ocean meet lies Honduras. Bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, this Spanish speaking nation is filled with rich Mayan history and culture and boasts a burgeoning tourism industry. With quaint colonial villages, ancient Maya ruins to explore and natural parks offering serene mountain trails that serpentine through lush rain forests, it appeals to both the cultural and the thrill-seeking traveler.

Cayman Airways has direct flights are available from Grand Cayman to La Ceiba as well as Roatan, Honduras. Be sure to visit the Cayman Airways website for the weekly flight schedules.


Hemingway's intoxicating hideaway is so much more than its iconic mojitos, cigars and delicious daiquiris. Cuba is a colorful and friendly nation and visitors fro around the world are welcomed warmly. And despite recent restrictions announced by the Trump administration that complicate travel to Cuba for American, it is still possible. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Havana, tend to tobacco in Viñales and soak up the sun rays in the bustling beach resort town of Varadero.

The duration of direct flights to Havana are just over 40 minutes and depart about three times a week from Grand Cayman's Owen Roberts International Airport. Visit the Cayman Airways website for more information.

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