How to spend a weekend in Little Cayman


Visiting Little Cayman is a must. Its small town, Caribbean, easy-going feel is so perfect for a guilt-free relaxing time. 

The first thing you want to do before heading over is pack your carry-on with at least two swimsuits, sunscreen, a good book, a waterproof camera ( Ideally a go pro ), flip-flops and a mask/snorkel. Those go in your hand-luggage because you’re going to want to ‘check in’ a cooler ideally full of beer and food essentials. They do have a little grocery store but it’s quite expensive and options are often limited. This is just a way to cut some costs so once you arrive you have nothing extra to think about. 

You’ll undoubtedly love the tiny Cayman Airways plane that takes you to the Island – with its full view into the cockpit where you can watch the pilots work their magic. Not to mention the view out the window on each side. You see beautiful Grand Cayman from the sky and then about 30 minutes later, the beautiful Little Cayman. Side note - time-lapse videos of this flight is highly recommended!


When you arrive, prepare to take in all of what this beautiful little Island has to offer. You’re going to want to get around the island by bicycle - because the island is only about ten miles long and let’s face it, bikes are much more fun. The first attraction you have to check out has to be Owen Island. It’s an even smaller Island off the south-west coast; basically if you walk along the beach you’ll see it eventually.

If you’re up for a swim, grab your snorkel, if not, try by boat, kayak, paddle board etc. Second on the must-see list has to be Point of Sand - another beach location which is perfect to relax on as the sun goes down. As you can imagine, the diving on this little Island is very popular and ranked among the top in the world! Bloody Bay Wall is a must-do - you’ll be blown away!



If you’re looking for beachfront accommodation, you can stay at one of the resorts, Southern Cross Club or Little Cayman Beach Resort. Both offer amazing pool and beach views as well as offering an all- inclusive dive experience. They also have a great beach bar, which serves up great food and drink and nightly entertainment like karaoke and trivia nights. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more private you should check out the selection of beach houses on Airbnb or condo for short-term rental especially if you’re traveling with kids, for that extra personal touch for a perfect family get-away.


Aside from the exploring the incredibly beautiful beaches, Before you leave this slice of paradise, be sure to check out the Little Cayman Museum for some insight into the History of the locals and the Island dating back. To see nature at its finest you should find one of the viewing docks on the edge of Booby Pond, where you can spot the red-footed Booby’s as well as various plants and flowers. Also keep a look out for the Rock Iguana, Hawksbill Sea Turtles and West Indian Whistling Ducks.

If you’re lucky enough to spot them, these animals are beautiful but endangered so be sure to be respectful and admire them from afar. Speaking of Iguanas, next to the airport the Hungry Iguana is a lovely spot to have some food or drink. Outside on the patio you have a great view out to the sea whilst enjoying your meal. Or, if you’re waiting for your plane to come down the runway, it’s also a great place to have a beer before you go.

Little Cayman