Packing for Paradise: The do's & dont's

Packing for Paradise

You've taken the proverbial plunge... straight into the tranquil, aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. You've decided to relocate, you've received your work permit and you are set to start your new adventure. Next stop? Paradise!


What to pack, what not to pack that is the question. Island weather plays a bigger part in relocating than you might assume. There's more to consider than simply the Havaianas vs. Ipanemas flip-flop debate or the tan lines your latest Seafolly swimsuit will leave on your newly, Caribbean sun-kissed skin!


A few things to consider when packing for Cayman:


1. Cayman culture. It's important to pack any special occasion costumes and fancy dress items you have locked away in a box labelled "repeat offender". From Batabano to Pirate's week and every celebratory reason for fancy dress in between - Cayman culture dictates that all newcomers, visitors and residents take part.


2. Swimwear > Outerwear. No surprise here. You will be spending all of your free time either coming from or going to a boat party, brunch or the beach. These three Bs are the Cayman Island holy trinity, so to speak!


3. Speaking of Brunch. Yes, a more laid-back approach to dressing is definitely encouraged. We fully support swapping chino trousers and pencil skirts for crop tops and Aloha shirts. But bear in mind that there are an astonishing amount of fancy fêtes - from office parties to birthday brunches, film festivals and charity balls - Cayman hosts it all. Best pack a precautionary party dress!


4. Hoard. Yes, you heard right. Hoard as many island-appropriate items of clothing as you can manage to fit in your suitcase. Pack every single bikini and summer dress, swim trunks, tees and tanks. Every flip flop and every kimono. Cargo if you must. Due to the difficulties and costs related to importing to Cayman, shopping on the island is expensive and the choices limited compared to other parts of the world.  Sacrifice travelling light once, so you can enjoy a wardrobe that can last you until your next Big Apple shopping trip.