A guide to driving in the Cayman Islands

There are few things as enjoyable as a road trip, whether for a weekend away with friends, for a relaxing drive to clear your mind or for a day trip to showcase the splendor of our
mangrove-woven, semi-submerged rock-home to visiting friends and family. Before you set out
windswept and smiling into the island sunset, you need to make sure you are not driving around

If you are visiting and decide to rent a car/motor scooter to explore, you can do so on your country's driver license. As a resident/permit-holder, you may be eligible to replace your foreign license within your first 3 months on-island, with a Cayman Island license. 

Once you've managed to establish yourself as a legal tropical (road) tripper, we recommend venturing a bit further to celebrate your new status! Going the literal extra mile will reward you with not only the breathtaking island scenery but with tantalizing local dining spots and the very many snorkelling spots dotted along the coast.

To the West
Start your journey to the West of the island in the charming Caymanian residential area of West Bay. If not for the sole reason of taking a trip to Hell and posting evidence of it on social media, it's well worth the effort just for the tasty Coconut Shrimp, the good conversation of the barkeep and the amazing atmosphere at the expat favourite, Macabuca restaurant.

To the East
The Eastern side of the island, with its unspoiled natural beauty, is a calm contrast to the busy, overrun Seven Mile Beach. Grab a quick Mudslide at Kaibo but make sure you visit the newly opened Outpost Bar at Pedro St. James Castle. There's no better way to end your adventure than with a local rum tasting tour or a rum daiquiri enjoyed while taking in the surroundings.