31 Things To Love About Cayman

Phenomenal beaches, the year-round sunshine and hospitable people is what this peaceful island is famous for, but its the little things in the Cayman Islands that really makes it special.

We've compiled a list of just a few things we love about Cayman.

1. Sunsets + Hot Nights

Yes, spectacular sunsets are rife in exotic locations, but the unobstructed views of the sun melting into the ocean on a warm evening in Cayman are remarkable. 


2. Kirky

Everyone has a different Kirky story, and regardless of the true tale - this afro-sporting, fun-loving Caymanian brings an edge to the island in a way that no other bearded vagabond could. He wins the hearts (and often leftover dinners) of tourists and locals, appearing on Youtube videos, T-Shirts, social media, songs and probably precious family albums.

3. The Laid-back Lifestyle 

As long as you're chilling, anything goes in Cayman.


4. The Random Phrases

The English language with a patois flare and a few random words thrown in- the Caymanian accent is pretty unique. Learn a few phrases like "who you fa?" "nah today bobo", "you nah easy", " look yah", "love you like cook food" and replace a few 'v's' with 'w's' and mastering the Caymanian accent soon come.


5. The Chicken Population

Some countries/ cities have rat infestations. In comparison, Cayman's chicken problem isn't so bad- especially when they're being amusing.


6. The Cocktails 

They're just pretty.

7. Conch Fritters

Just one of the superb Caymanian culinary delights. From creamy coconut dinner, rundown, fish tea and oxtail rice and beans...It's hard not to love the food in Cayman.


8. Sticky Toffee Pudding

A staple sweet treat on island, this traditionally British, sinful delight just so happens to be mouth-wateringly scrumptious and another reason to love Cayman.


9. Brunch 

Brunch in the Cayman Islands is on a whole other level. A popular Sunday tradition for some, indulging in succulent seafood, all kinds of carbs and chocolate delicacies is what make this island that little bit more appealing.

10. Cayman mutts

An unofficial dog breed representative and unique to  Cayman - a beautiful, jumbled up cultural mishmash. You'll find these mongrels grazing in backyards or idly strolling the streets, stopping traffic as they go. 

11. The Shoe Tree

Originally a way of ridding the beach of abandoned shoes, the tradition of nailing footwear to this tree in South Sound lives on. An unusual attraction that reflects the environmentally-conscious nature of the people living in Cayman.


12. Pepper Jelly

You'd be hard-pressed to find a gardener more passionate than Carol Hay. This dedicated pepper-farmer even wears a snorkel mask to make her addictive, knock-your-socks-off Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly, found only in Cayman.

13. McKeeva Bush

The charismatic former premier of the Cayman Islands, love him or hate him, this fiery politician provides endless entertainment. Thank you McKeewa.


14. Scotch Bonnet 

A signature flavor in Cayman. A tasty, spicy pepper used in food and drinks across the island - delish.

15. Turtles

Originally named the Spanish word for turtle, "Las Tortugas"- the Cayman Islands is brimming with these majestic creatures and they're adorable.


16. Fish Fry

Old -fashioned fish-frys like Heritage Kitchen in West Bay and Grapetree Cafe in Bodden Town give Cayman its flavor- and we love it.


17. Fish market

Grabbing a fresh catch and listening to some fisherman's tales has never been easier thanks to the fish market on the waterfront. A display of history , culture and some interesting characters in one place, without it George Town wouldn't be the same.

18. Art Scene

The Cayman art scene is growing, bringing with it a more energetic and vibrant Cayman.

19. How Everything has 'Cay' in it.

Well, most things. 


20. Caybrew

A locally produced pale ale, its light, crisp and best served cold. 

21. Country Music

Country music in the Caribbean doesn't sound legit, but it is and it's big in Cayman. The down-to-earth country vibes contribute to Cayman's loveable charm.

22. Dominoes

A traditional Cayman pastime. Joining in at a table or simply watching is an experience in itself.

23. Houses

Gingerbread-style houses are dotted across Cayman. Not only are they bright and striking, they add to the tropical island style unique to Cayman.

24. Swanky

A traditional Cayman drink made from lemonade, brown sugar and often served up with rum, its one of our favourite drinks on island.


25. Blue Igunanas

Endemic to Cayman, these brightly-colored reptiles are elusive and endangered and any encounter with one is special.


26. Fresh Coconuts

You'll never be stuck for water in Cayman. With Coconut trees aplenty, there's nothing better than posting up on a secluded beach sipping cool coconut water with the sun beaming down on you. 

27. Thatch Hats

Weaving thatch hats, bags and even slippers is a long-standing Caymanian tradition. You'll find beautiful hand-made thatch treasures scattered across the island.

28. The Cayman Motto

Enjoying life is the Cayman way.

29. Christmas Lights

Caymanians know how to celebrate Christmas in style. Visit between November-January and the whole island lights up with flickering multi-colored lights shimmering against the starry sky - magical.

30. Rum

A big part of Caribbean culture and heritage, AND the rum in Cayman happens to be top-notch.

31. The News

Only in Cayman.