10 Reasons To Visit The Cayman Islands

Swanky mega-resorts, sparkling waters and sugary-white coastlines, the Cayman Islands effortlessly lures visitors to its pristine beaches year after year. If you dig a little deeper, beyond the sandy shores- it's easy to see why so many swoon over this tiny Caribbean Island.

1. The diversity

The fascinating muddle of nationalities makes Cayman perhaps the most unique island in the Caribbean. Many islands have a touch of French, Dutch, British or Spanish influence, but Cayman's assorted mix of cultures unfolds in an intriguing montage of customs and art - from food, architecture, music and flavor.

2. The 'Cayman-Kind'

Cayman's ever-evolving culture is overtly welcoming, often referred to as 'Caymankind'. A phrase that envelopes warmth, love, acceptance and affection. It's a reminder to value life's most precious gifts - family, love and honour. Past the lavish resorts and cruise ships, Caymankind is a moral compass that binds all Caymanians.

3. The beaches

Dreamy, talcum-powdery shorelines dotted with towering palms, unlike some other Caribbean islands, Cayman's flawless beaches are uncrowded and blessed with beguiling calm waters. If you can drag yourself away from your towel, you'll find a diverse selection of waterfront eateries from charming fish-fry shacks to 5-star restaurants, there's no denying Cayman's beaches are top-notch.

4. The peace & quiet

One of the safest Caribbean destinations to visit, with a low crime-rate and a peaceful vibe, Cayman is perfect for families looking to explore the Caribbean. Another reason this island stands out from the crowds is its exclusivity. Venture off the beaten path out to the eastern districts and you'll find striking, picturesque beaches- and you'll have them to yourself. 

5. The stingrays

A must-do when in Cayman, Stingray City is a glistening sandbar in the North Sound where southern rays congregate in search of food. One of the only places in the world where you can swim with and interact with wild stingrays, this wildlife park and its shimmering turquoise waters is reason enough to visit the Cayman Islands.

Stingray City

6. Rumcakes

The birthplace of the Caribbean's popular Tortuga Rum Cakes, Cayman is sprinkled with these desirable sweet treats in stores and restaurants across the island. Indulge in an Original Caribbean, Pineapple or Banana flavored cake, stock up on souvenirs or stop by the Tortuga Rum Factory for free samples in Industrial Park.

7. The food

The culinary capital of the Caribbean, impeccable fresh fish dishes are the norm in Cayman. With a long-standing seafaring history, fishing and cooking- up mouth-watering dishes comes naturally to Caymanians. It's not just the seafood that's fabulous in Cayman, with such a diverse assemblage of restaurants from French, Mexican, Italian, Thai, American, Caribbean, Japanese & Asian across a wide spectrum of tastes and types- sampling the Cayman cuisine is a huge highlight. Book a table at a gourmet 5-star restaurant or taste some street eats from a jerk stand, either way you'll be  blown away.

8. The parties

From rum-soaked Bucaneers to vibrant, throbbing street carnivals, the Cayman Islands knows how to party Caribbean-style and its always a celebration not to be missed.

9. The Sister Islands

Cayman goes beyond the shores of Seven Mile Beach and Grand Cayman. Hop on a twin- propeller plane for a short ride over to the ever-endearing Sister Islands and you'll realize there's so much more the Cayman Islands. Corrugated coastlines, impressive caves and elusive wildlife swathe Cayman Brac, while Little Cayman boasts undisturbed bays, world-class diving and barefoot beaches. 

Cayman Brac
Little Cayman

10. The diving

With no river run-off, crystal clear waters, flourishing coral reefs and a dive site for every day of the year, Cayman is known worldwide for its phenomenal diving. All three islands have this scene covered, everything from dramatic wall dives, superb wreck sites, accessible shore options and even adventurous night dives- when it comes to strapping on a tank and diving in, there's no better place to do it.


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