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The Best Brunches in Grand Cayman

Brunch. The word is a whimsical neologism combining the words 'breakfast' and 'lunch'. A pairing as immediately pleasing to the ear, as the pairing of 'eggs' and 'bacon' is to the palette. The idea originated in England in the late 1800s by English author, and presumably heavy-drinker, Guy Beringer, in an essay appropriately titled: 'Brunch: A Plea'.

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In the essay, Beringer explains that the intention of brunch is to share anecdotes of the previous night's shenanigans over a spicy Bloody Mary, a refreshing Mimosa or both. He goes on to explain that a lively brunch affair aims to nurse the Saturday-sin-induced headache and satisfy the sometimes insatiable hangover-hunger for food AND company. This, he argues, can be accomplished with a delicious meal and a generous helping of 'hair-of-the-dog'.

The brunch has since evolved. In Cayman, though still keeping to these old brunch traditions, a brunch now also serves as the go-to manner in which to celebrate special occasions - birthday brunches, mother's day brunches, engagement brunches, the very many 'farewell' or 'welcome back to island' brunches. Then there are also the (slightly) less raucous baby shower brunches and in recent years, the newly popularised divorce-party brunches. What's the dress-code you may ask? Well, it's a Sunday brunch, it should go without saying, that it is to be attended in ones Sunday (very) best!

In honour of the tradition and history of the brunch, we've selected, in no specific order, our tried and tested favourite places to brunch in Cayman:

1. Seven at The Ritz

Elegant and upmarket yet in keeping with the laid-back island-style one comes to expect of our Caribbean holiday. Wash down expertly crafted cuisine with a golden glass of French champagne while taking in the 180-degree views of Seven Mile Beach from the terrace or the glamorous dining room.


Photo by Cayman compass

Photo by Cayman compass

2. Luca

Italian restaurant, LUCA, offers guest the choice of enjoying brunch in the luxury and comfort of the sleek and sophisticated dining room or on their patio overlooking the infinity pool and the jewel-toned waters of the Caribbean. The brunch menu includes authentic Italian dishes, prepared simply and with fresh ingredients. Enjoy your delicious Italian fare with bottomless Prosecco - the Italian way.


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3. Mizu

For those with a taste for the slightly more exotic, Mizu delights with a brunch menu that showcases delicious Asian flavours and table service - a welcome change from the more traditional buffet-style brunch setup that one comes to expect on the island.

The menu includes Sushi, dim sum, rice and noodle dishes like fried rice, Nasi Goreng, Singapore fried noodles and Kung Pao. Traditional Japanese rice wine or 'Sake', well-drinks and house wines are all included in the all-you-can-eat brunch price. Mizu offers a five-star experience on a cheap and cheerful budget. The interior is reminiscent of an upmarket new york nightclub with impressive light features set atmospherically low, high-shine sequinned pillows and a striking Japanese graffiti mural that acts as a talking piece and draws the eye in. All-in-all an all-around enjoyable experience and a sure-favourite on our list.


4. Ave at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa

Come with the whole family or sneak away for a romantic dinner at Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa’s Ave restaurant to experience fresh local seafood and produce infused into coastal Mediterranean recipes. Our Executive Chef Massimo De Francesca has crafted an approachable menu featuring seasonal plates that appeal to your whole party...


5. Ferdinand’s at The Westin Grand Cayman

With free-flowing sparkling wine, a Margarita Bar and a wide variety of mouth-watering Caribbean and international food stations, Westin Grand Cayman's Ferdinand's has safely secured its spot on our list. Every Sunday, guests are invited to enjoy a lavish feast of breakfast items, pasta options, cured, slow-cooked or braised meats from the carving station, dim sum and sushi, a selection of hot dishes and near sinful desserts. Come indulge in classic Caribbean cuisine in the casual-cool interior or on their outdoor patio while taking in the breathtaking sea views, every Sunday from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm.


Photo by Cayman compass

Photo by Cayman compass

6. Anchor & Den

Taking the cake, both literally and figuratively, is the Anchor & Den Brunch at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. Their signature Boulangerie Brunch includes globally-inspired dishes and bottomless glasses of bubbles served in a Nautical-themed dining area which is at once playful and contemporary. Each Sunday, the area is transformed into a treasure trove of unique food stops - a chocolate display, raclette cheese station, pop-up cocktail bar, fresh juice bar, gelato and sushi stops and a charcuterie carving station, to name but a few. It is, in our opinion, impossible NOT to have a good time at this brunch.


Insider guides : Photographer Chad Munro


Toronto, Canada is where I was born and raised, the baseball diamond and golf course is where I spent most of my days. What brought me to this picturesque island was merely a change of scenery with a short-term forecast, coming up on 3 wonderful years later.  With having West-Indian roots, father is from Grenada, the tropical sunshine and Caribbean lifestyle run in the veins. 


What initially started as a hobby developed into a career that I’m extremely fortunate for. With an education and past work experience in Finance & Business, I always felt that something was missing. After taking photos with my iPhone I realized that I loved capturing more than an image. Within every frame there is a story to be told. It was amazing to me that every photo I took on my phone was sending a message. Fast forward a few months and leaving my financial profession, I decided to approach wedding photography, because what stronger message is there than love? I have been so fortunate to travel and do what I love and have come to make lasting friendships with the couples I meet.



Seven Mile Beach is a must see attraction, with miles of white sandy beaches and blue, clean waters. Unless you are staying on the beach, beach access can be hard due to lack of parking, however parking is available at public, governors, cemetery, and west bay beaches. 

People drive on the left and is not that hard; just follow the cars. There are lots of roundabouts; you have to yield to cars on the right and once inside you have the right of way.

Because the country is a religious nation, Sundays are taken very seriously. Every business except gas stations, resorts, some restaurants are closed all day Sunday. Bars stop serving alcohol by 12:00am Sunday. 

The island is a conservative place in which that beach attire is inappropriate outside the beaches, even though it is a casual place. Cover your attire when leaving.

With growing development on the island, traffic can be quite bad to and from Georgetown during rush hours when cruise ship traffic is at its peak so try and avoid if possible. 


With so many great restaurants on the island, its difficult to narrow down to one favourite. Hence why Grand Cayman is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. A few locations are: Vivo, Anchor & Den, Bread & Chocolate. 


 Vivo, Tukka, Coccoloba, Andiamo, Czech Inn, Chicken Chicken. 


 Luca, Casa 43, Aqua, Papagallo.


Romantic locations vary based on the individuals and their personalities. A stunning and calming sunset view along Seven Mile Beach never disappoints. Also just taking a drive with no destination in mind to witness all the beautiful that the island has to offer .. stargazing on the east / north side, where there is very little light pollution is probably my place to be. 



Be aware of all the marriage requirements in terms of all the right documentation that is required. Dress accordingly to the weather and style of the wedding. The Cayman dress code is typically smart Casual unless formal is indicated. Plan accordingly regarding buying the wedding necessities. The island has a vast array of shops for gifts and favours, but nowhere near the same variety you’ll find in the US and Europe. 




I’d recommend getting off the beaten path and explore .. botanical gardens, mastic trail and then experiencing Stingray City via a jet ski tour. Being on the water, zipping across the crystal clear waters is an exhilaration that’s difficult to match. 


I’m quite fortunate to be in a position to travel the world with my camera and capture destination weddings, elopements and general travel imagery. Some of the upcoming locations for 2019 are: Moab-Utah, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Ukraine, North Carolina, Toronto, Nova Scotia. 

Insider Guides: Paradise Appreciation with Jade Webster

Insider Guides: Paradise Appreciation with Jade Webster

Hello! I’m Jade Webster and I am extremely lucky to call the Cayman Islands home! Born in the '90’s to a Scottish mum and a Caymanian dad. My younger sister and I didn’t particularly grow up in a district, as we seemed to move quite a bit. Growing up in the Cayman Islands was and still is pretty amazing!