A Guide to Adopting a Dog in Cayman

Cayman Islands_adopting a dog

Here in Cayman we have several animal shelters and organisations that are focused on helping pups find their ‘forever home’, so if you’re thinking about adopting a puppy in Cayman, let me point you in the right direction.

There’s an abundance of pups up for grabs at the Humane Society that need a little bit of loving. These litters are either found wandering the streets or have been dumped / surrendered. Most of the puppies at the Humane Society are Cayman mutts, which means they are gorgeous mixes of breeds and beautifully unique.

The staff at the Humane Society are very helpful. You can go in and have a cuddle with a few and once you’ve chosen your little guy they will arrange a home visit. Once everything has checked out and you pay the adoption fee of CI $200, (for puppies – prices vary depending on the size/age/breed of dog), you can take the dog home. They also often give you the option of fostering some pups for a while, which I would recommend as you get to know each of their little personalities. It also gives them a break from the shelter and cage for a while.

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Cayman Care stands for Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts and they work with the Humane Society to make sure there is no ill-treatment or suffering of animals in Cayman. They work to make sure that all pets are wanted and given a loving home rather than having any dogs or cats on the streets without one. They request a minimum of CI $100 for the adoption fee, which also includes a 6 month pack of Heart Guard as well as all vaccinations and spaying/neutering. 

One Dog at a Time focuses on rescuing abandoned puppies and dogs that are roaming the Island and securing them a loving home, either through fostering or adoption. If you’re looking to save an unwanted pup, One Dog at a Time will find you one that needs you just as much as you need them. On their website (odaat.ky/adopt) you can scroll through the available dogs photos and their little bios. Once you’ve chosen your little guy they will come and check out your home, send pup for a sleepover and if all goes well, then sign the papers! All they ask for is a minimum donation of $150 for puppies and small breed dogs and $100 for adult dogs. 

Cayman Islands_adopting a dog

Adopt, don’t shop is an important saying in Cayman as there is extensive pet overpopulation on the Island. There are so many sweet pups looking for a family to give them some love! If this could be you, contact any of these organisations they will make sure to find you the perfect pup, guaranteed.