A Guide to Surviving Carnival in Cayman

If you want to master the art of surviving carnival in Cayman - and by survive, we mean remember… you must adhere to the following crucial steps: 

Step 1: EAT– I know everyone wants to ‘look skinny’ on carnival day, but eating a big bowl of pasta before getting on de road in exchange for functioning at the end of the day is a small price to pay! You will look incredible in your carnival costume no matter what - that’s the beauty of the costumes, so eat a big meal, give it time to digest, and enjoy. 

Step 2: One for One – Here’s the thing, for every rum & coke/swanky special that you drink, down one cup of water. Sounds simple? It is. The Swanky special they serve from the drinks truck (that no one really seems to know what’s in it) is some sort of dangerous magic rum cocktail – side effects consist of memory loss and ‘the fear’ the day after. We know this rum tastes better, but you’ll be one step closer to surviving carnival if you follow this rule.

Step 3: Take Cover – Your body will thank you if you hunt down the shade - whether it’s dancing under the trees on the side of the road or tucking behind the drinks truck, shade will definitely be your friend! There’s obviously not a tone of shade down the stretch of road but by jumping in it when it comes means less sweating, less dehydration and less sunburn! Not to mention this will increase the chances of your makeup, sparkles and hair and feathers staying in tact. 

Step 4: Buddy Up – I know in Cayman everyone basically knows everyone so this isn’t really an issue, but if you’re coming to the Island just for carnival, stick with your pack! You never know when you might need them or vice versa! It’s not just surviving carnival, it’s about enjoying every minute. Spoiler alert, you’d be hard pressed not to, especially if you’re with all your buds.

Step 5: Eat Again! – About half way through you’ll be feeling niiice and to make sure you keep that buzz, make sure you eat again. We cross numerous food stops, you’ve got time! A personal favourite has to be a burger (& milkshake) from Burger Shack. You can thank us later. 

It may sound simple but it’s the simple things that will ensure you not only survive carnival, but have you counting every waking minute until this time next year.