How to Spend 48 Hours in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a sight for weary wanderers' eyes. Its landscape is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of multicolored horizon and its beaches lined with wind-strafed palms. The coastline is dotted with feral haired coconuts, the pristine beaches lightly fanned by the familiar leaves of succulent Sea grape trees. Along the white-washed sands, occasional rough swells of white-capped waves of the Caribbean sea, shower their spray against the vibrant cruise ship harbor walls.

It’s where sleek island sophistication meets barefoot-beaching. It is its natural beauty, but also its cultural melting pot of cultures that inspires return visits year after year. Its why many argue that it's worth a stop-over in Cayman, even if all you have are 48 hours.

Based on this feedback we've taken it upon ourselves to put together the top things to do in Cayman in 48 hours according to the locals. We've managed to narrow it down to the basic Bs: Beaches, Bars, Boats and Brunch!


One of the top reasons for visiting the Caribbean, arguably the number one reason, is its famed tropical beaches. Visitors travel from all corners of the globe to lounge on serene, soft Caribbean sands and swim in clear tropical blue waters. Grand Cayman's most iconic beach, Seven Mile, has been voted the best beach in the Caribbean, and the world for that matter, multiple times. Cayman is home to Seven Mile and a long list of both public and hidden beaches. Going to the beach is the number one activity on our list of things to do in Cayman, whether you have 24 hours or a year.

Life’s a beach

Life’s a beach


As the Caribbean is known as the birthplace of Rum, and Rum is the star ingredient of most cocktails, it should come as no surprise then that the Cayman cocktail culture is vibrant and thriving. Riddled with Five Star resorts each home to their very own award-winning beachfront bar Cayman draws some of the world's most accomplished mixologists to its shores. Regular internationally recognized competitions are hosted here and it's why we highly recommend making it a priority to watch the world-class Cayman sunset, at one of the world-class establishments, with a world-class drink in hand.

Barman making a cocktail


On an island, sometimes the easiest way to get around is by boat. In Cayman, it's not only the most convenient way to get around but also the most entertaining. Boats are the most popular means of which to get to Cayman's popular Stingray City, to Rum Point, t some of its most remarkable coral reefs, some yacht and boat tour operators even offer world-renowned deep-sea fishing excursions. Cruise ships dock daily allowing thousands of visitors to come ashore and explore in vibrant Cayman life on their own time. If all you have is 24 hours, we recommend you take advantage of the surplus of boating options, perhaps by taking a sunset cruise to Kaibo beach for an unforgettable night of sunset sailing, champagne sipping, sandy barefoot dancing and dining beachside under the starlit Caribbean sky!

Sunbathing broads on boats

Sunbathing broads on boats


Brunch, like boat parties and carnivals, are serious business in the Caribbean. Brunch was born from the need to cure a good old hangover, but evolved, especially in Grand Cayman, as a way to wash down a feast and the previous night's anecdotes with a glass of bubbles in good company. In Grand Cayman, it is customary, though not expected, to get formally dressed up for brunch and it's a welcome change from the semi-permanent Cayman uniform consisting of sandals and swimsuits!