5 Reasons Why You Need A Cayman Mutt In Your Life

Cayman Mutts, or the politically correct term, 'Cayman Mixes' are a special breed of pooch that are like no other.

Loyal, affectionate and scarily human-like, these puppies will steal your heart and have you locked in for life.

Here are just five reasons why you need one of these adorable canines as a companion.


1. Just In Case You're Single

They are the best possible companions outside of the human race. Cuddly and soft with their smooth coats and, like Taco here, always happy to see you. Just remember to wash your sheets on the regular.

Taco rolling around in bed.

2. They'll Get You Out The House 

Depending on their early life, Cayman Mutts tend to love the water. They're happiest with the wind in their faces, on the bow of a boat or swimming in the cool Cayman waters. They'll get you out of the house and appreciating Cayman along with them.

3. You Need A Daily Dose Of Cuteness

You may have had a tough day at work, an argument with your other half or tripped on your way down the stairs, but being nose to nose with this pile of cuteness will make any life struggle melt away.

4. They'll Keep You In Shape

Not everyone will have a loyal, lean jogging partner like Roscoe in their life, but Cayman mutts love to get out and wander, so they'll definitely keep you on your feet. Whether they're dragging you along the beach or winning Irish Jogs with you, nothing beats seeing that happy face running freely in the sand. 


5. They're More Intelligent Than You Might Think

Cayman Mutts are super intelligent, which make them very human-like and very particular. Like 'Cay' , who baffles her owners when she picks just four pieces of her dog food from her bowl at breakfast time, drops them on the floor and eats them individually like she's eating popcorn at the cinema. Such a princess...

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