The Top Secluded Beaches in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is a lengthy stretch of milky-white, publicly accessible beach on the west end of Grand Cayman island. It’s world-renowned for being one of the Caribbean's most exquisite beaches, frequently finding itself a-top international 'Best Beaches' lists due to its natural beauty, proximity to all the luxury resorts and the fact that one is able to walk its full length regardless of where you are staying.

The fact that it is the most popular and most developed area of Grand Cayman, however, and home to the majority of the island's luxury resorts, means that this impressive beach can often get quite crowded, especially during peak season. Fortunately, Grand Cayman is an absolute treasure trove of deserted beaches. The most West End of the Island and all of the Eastern District is home to some of the best-kept secret beaches. Armed with a beach towel, picnic basket and a sense of adventure, you'll easily stumble upon the lesser-known yet equally spectacular deserted beaches on this small paradise rock.

Spotts Beach, Shamrock Road, Grand Cayman

Unbeknownst to most visitors, a short drive from popular Seven Mile and just off Shamrock Road lies Spotts beach. This secluded coastline is lined with iron-shore cliffs, pearly white sand and thick seagrass - meaning that you’re more than likely to spot, excuse the pun, a wild sea turtle or two on your adventure here. With plenty of shaded space, a stretch of walkable beach, portable ablutions and a pretty pier, this secluded tranquil beach is sure to become a favourite during your stay.

Smith's Barcadere

This sandy cove is a popular spot for snorkelling, offers shaded areas to hang hammocks, has bright picnic tables and basic bathroom facilities. Even though it's not as popular or well-known as Seven Mile Beach, the little cove is a favourite among locals due to its location and beauty and can get crowded quickly, especially over the weekend. If you're visiting the island, make sure to go on a school day when most locals will be 9 to 5-ing and their little ones at school, leaving the pretty little Coccoloba-covered beach wide open for relaxation.

Smith's Cove_Cayman

Cemetery Beach and Reef, West Bay

To the West end of Grand Cayman lies Cemetery Beach. Despite its name, the lively and beautiful beach offers all that Seven Mile can offer and more - sans the crowds. Besides offering wide open shaded space and fewer people, there is also the Cemetery Beach Reef - located about 30 yards from shore, the reef is easily accessible without a boat and makes for some seriously good snorkelling without the hassle of having to head out on a boat.

South Sound Beach/Sand Cay, South Church Street, George Town

Though the Cayman Islands are hardly revered as a surfers' paradise, every now and then the island experiences weather conditions that are conducive surfing. It is then when every able-bodied person with a board- locals, expats and day-visitors alike - wax up and head over to Sand Cay to catch a wave. The secluded little adventure beach is also great for those trying their hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing.


Colliers Public Beach, East End

In East End you'll find this secluded surfside spot offering shaded picnic areas, is great for windsurfing and enjoying the indigenous fauna and flora of the island and is home to Cayman's most iconic pier - great for photo opportunities during your visit.

Old Man Bay Beach, Grand Cayman

Unlike the densely populated and overdeveloped SMB, Old Man Bay, located on the eastern edge of Grand Cayman is tranquil and secluded offering beach-goers and sun-babies a relaxing time perhaps alongside only a few friendly locals or fellow travellers. Old Man Bay showcases a lengthy stretch of wide soft, sandy beach that’s perfect for sunset strolls and beach picnics or for soaking up sun rays in a tranquil environment. Look out for small crustaceans and tiny tropical fish in its sparkling shallow waters.

Have you stumbled upon a secluded beach in Grand Cayman? How does it compare to the popular Seven Mile Beach? Let us know in the comment section below!

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